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Archangelic Transmissions to Deepen into Light Embodiment.


These Series of Archangelic Transmissions will be Offered as


1.5 hour Online Transformational Channelled Healings

in which we will receive Light Encoded Activations, through each Unique Archangel that Offers their Divine Presence.


The Seraph, also known as the Burning Ones are Absolute Masters at Transmuting the Fear Based Consciousness of Humanity, into a more Elevated and Enlightened Perspective.

One in which we Raise above the Conditioning and Programming of Our Wounding, and See through a Lens of Clear Quartz Crystalline Clarity.


A Universal Perspective in which Love is the Guiding Light, and we are able to Breathe Peacefully into Frequencies of Trust, Faith and Hope. 

This Allows us to Flow Ease fully into the Divine Feminine Creation Pathways of Pleasure, Beauty and Joy, regardless of the Human Chaos that may surround us.


Ultimately this is a Pure State of Grace, where Magick, Miracles and the Mystical Way, become the Foundation of Our Human Existence.


Beautiful Women, Are you ready to Fly on the Wings of Angelic Grace?


Each Seraph Transmission is a 1.5 hours

Transformational Group Channelled Healing Journey,

Online via Zoom.

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