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An 888 Free Will Stargate to blaze into the Completion of 2020

Begins October 20th - 8 weeks, 11 channellings

✨ The Burning Ones   


Sacred Women, Ophiucus, will be a Channelled Healing Journey presented in a Unique format, a Format written in the Stars, that defies the usual Channels of the Linear Time Deliverence and Enters into SerpenTime, a Spiralling Journey to Awaken Pathways of Mystical Remembrance, only Accessible through the Non Linear Pathways of Divine Feminine Star Consciousness.

The Template for the 8 week Journey of Ophiucus will be outlined as such:


8 1.5 hour Live Channellings via Zoom beginning Tuesday October 20th 8pm.


3 Intimate Journeys held on Friday November 13th, 27th, and December 11th at Tara’s Star Temple (online for Woman Interstate and Overseas.)




A Serpentine Journey into the Stars



- The Arcturian Codes of Blue Green, Aquamarine Enlightenment -

Entering into the Lightness of Being of the Codes of Simplification, Peace,

and Infinite Silence.
Receiving the A Lion-ment to Liquid Silver Starlight Perception.
Entering the Radiance of the Egyptian Goddess Anat, Firing up the Codes of Ruthless Pursuit, allowing the Paradox of the Fierce Warrioress, with the Fluid Mermaidian Magick of the Water Realms(Anat translates to Water Spring).
In Liquid Fluidity, we Fearlessly Rise to Our Destiny, Goddesses of Revolutionary Change, through the True Pathways of Inner Transformation.



- Garnet Gateway. 11:11 -

We open the Portals to the Lords and Ladies of Time, Awakening Pathways of Self Realised Renewed Time Perception.
Burning through the Linear Binding Structures of Time Programming and Opening in the Time Space Continuum, Multi Dimensional, Multi Directional, Multi Faceted,

Star Time Frequency.
In Timeless Freedom, we activate Pathways of Manifestation and Creation

written in the Stars.
In Star Time we are Boundless in the Fruiting of Our Personal Soul Star Mission.



- Adventurine The Unlimited Self -

Here carried on the Sacred Creed of Lord Devlin, the White Lion, we are taken on a Journey of Reclamation.
Following the Pathways of Our Incarnation Cycles, we Filter the Programs aligned with Human Fear Based Consciousness, that have held us in the Framework of Small Mindedness and Crippled Free Will.
Erasing this Programming from Our Timelines, we enter the Unfettered Waters of the Unlimited Self, Spiralling into Free Will Frequency of Infinite Potential Realised.



- Chariote -

Deepening Further now into the Manifestation of Freewill we Flow into the

Frequency of the White Tiger.
Roaring Our Indivualisation, we Grounded the Purple Rivers of

Our Unique Soul Purpose.
Aligning with the Starcodes of the Order of the Phoenix, the Seraphim, we Rip, Roar and Burn through any Bindings Held on the Power Flame.
Fearlessly Reclaiming Our Templates of Personal Power, Stepping Potently into the Ferocious Will of Sekhmet, Burning Our Freedom Paths into Manifest Reality.



- Seraphinite -

In the Angelic Wings of Seraphinites Green Fire, She Emerges, the

Green Eyed Cat Goddess, Bastet.
Through the Pathways of Pleasure and Self Devotion, we spread Our Wings and Soar on the Flames of Inspirational Self Love, where in Joyous Revelry, we dedicate Our Selves to the Devotion of the Seven Holy Temples, the Rainbow Chakric Bridge between Heaven and Earth.
In True A-Lion-meant with Self, we are Fruiting Abundance.



- Sophian Serpent -

In Lumerian Light Crystalline Frequency we are taken to the Heart of the Earth.
In Gaia’s Pure Innocence, we receive the Blessings of the

Ancient Order of the Serphinus.
Awakening from the Tombs the White Serpent, and in Her Pure Starlight Consciousness we are Liberated from the Debri of an Age Old Darkness, a Seperation of Heaven from Earth.
In Her Sacred Embrace, we Rebirth, and on the Silver Star of Sophias Eternal Grace, we become, the Ones We have Been Waiting for.



- Heaven -

Here we step into the Freedom of the Serphinus.
In Our Burning Fluid Shakti Snake Forms, we have Released a Past of an Entrainment to a Conditioned Humanity, and Flowed past the Pearly Gates into the

Ecstasy of True Free Will.
Where in the Grace of the Divine Mother, we become Whole, the Ouroboros,
The Alchemy of the Universal Cyclic Nature, the Interconnectedness of All Creation.
Here we Dance Our Truth into Grounded Serpentine Cyclic Magick.
The Integration of Heaven on Earth.
Feminine Freedom Frequency.



- Rainbow -

In Our Grand Finale, we sink into the Sacred Embrace of the Rainbow Serpent.
Cosmic Bridge between the Stars and the Earth, this Galactic Portal Graces Her Way through the Earthly Realms, mirroring the Pathways of the Stars, the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Lyrans, the Serpens, the Arcturian, and All the Other Star Nations Deeply Guiding Our Human Evolution.
In Her Infinite Love, Power and Wisdom, She will Spiral Her Galactic Form through Our Chakric Pathways, Unifying with the Great Cosmic Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, Integrating Star Fire and Earth Fire, Deeply in Our Human Forms, allowing Us to Be Harbingers of the New Earth.

The Age of Ophiuchus.

Blessed Be.





🖤 8 1.5 hour Channelled Healings
🌟 3 1-1.5 hour Intimate Star Temple Channellings and Dance.
🔥 33 minute Individual Channeled Healing

✨ Liquid Crystal Essences ✨
Pyrolusite(The Black Flame)
Petrified Wood(Past Life Embrace)
Caledonite(The Celestial Path)
Sodalite(New Vision)


🌟 Payment Plans Available (8 Weeks $138.88 per week) 🌟

Bookings for Your Sacred Star Light Space

Opening 11:11am September 11 2020,

Closing 11:11 October 11th 2020.

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Current Memberships


Private Facebook Group


Silver is the Frequency of the Luna Path and the Crone, Hers is a Deep, Rich River of Wisdom that Flows from the Bones of the Ancients.
The Goddesses, the High Priestesses, the Lineages of the Rose, the Primal Women Who Howl with the Wolves, the Night Garden of Your Own Soul.

In Her Moonlight Embrace this Space will be a Warm Hearth around which we can Gather around, Dig up the Bones of Our Own Ancestral Stories, Receive the Wisdom of the Crones, Craft Our Collective Magic in the Cauldron of Our Own Sacred Dreaming, and Allow to the Moon Flowers of Our Night Garden to Bloom.

Membership to the Temple Includes:

🔥 Weekly Sharing of Her Stories
🌹 Weekly Transmission
🦋 Monthly Crafting Session

(Group Channelled Healing)
🌙 Specials in Relation to Courses and Sessions as they Flow through the Seasons.



Each Woman Flowing into the New Format from the Golden Rose Mystery Circle will be Gifted a Sacred Flower Essence chosen specifically for Her Divine Feminine Soul Flourishing.

This will be a closed Circle, so there is the Opportunity to Really Weave Together, to Create a River of Nourishment and Support, that Flows through the Fabric of Your Days. 

To Know each other’s Stories more Deeply, to Enfold Ourselves in a Cocoon of Love and Honouring, to See and Be Seen, to Share Wisdom, and Blossum into Our Most Fragrant Floral Expression in the Night Garden of Our Souls.

It will be Pure Gold.


Healing Sessions

Tara has a gift for imparting a pure and true healing frequency that aligns me in my highest good. It comes naturally to her, with no pretence, and a WHOLE lot of love. Her counsel has become so valuable to me.

- Sienna

If you are looking to make some changes, either subtle or more tangible, then I highly recommend working with Tara. I honestly would not be where I am today without her intuitive guidance and help.

- Sue

In these powerful Individual Sessions, Tara channels a pure healing frequency and offers wise loving insight to bring you home to the truth within and clear any blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your soul's desire. Each session is intuitively guided and tailored to suit the unique needs of each woman. 


If you are seeking to make specific changes in life, wish to re-ignite your inner spark, or are simply yearning for a deep spiritual connection, you will benefit from one of these sessions. 

Sessions are conducted via Skype and go for 90mins

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