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Resurrecting the Sacred Venusian Path of Self Devotional Love


A 3 Week Mystical Online Channelled Healing Journey.

Awakening the Pure Essence of the Sensual Star Light Magick, of Divine Feminine Self Love.


Channelled Healings Commence Friday 24th September
8pm-9.30pm AEST, 3 Consecutive Fridays.

First Transmissions posted in FB Group begins Wednesday 22nd September.


**Early Goddess Full Payment Bookings made by the 13th September will also receive a

beautiful Sacred Flower Love Mist!**


Bookings close Monday 20th September.


Course Includes


3  x 1.5 hr Channelled Healings



Weekly Channelled Transmissions, Creative Processes and Healing Meditations

*These are all posted within a Private FB Group, to support the Integration,
Grounding and Preparation, of each Channelled Healing Session.



Liquid Crystal Essence

Rhodochrosite Skull - The Crystal Essence of Self Love



Sacred Flower Essence

Golden Rose

This flower essence draws light into the being and illuminates and strengthens the golden pillar of light at the centre of your self.



Sacred Flower Crystal Essence
Red Rose


Course Template

Sacred Waters -

In the Silver Waters of the Venusian Star Light, we are bathed in the Blessings of Mer.


Stripping away All Conditioning that has Created Self Hatred in the Feminine Psyche, and Rebirthing Her Anew, into the Original Template of Divine Feminine Soul. 


Where Devotional Self Love holds the Keys to the Light Emissions of Cosmic Love, through Your Radiant Feminine Form. 


Sacred Women, in these Venusian Waters You will Return to the Innocence of Your Star Light Origins, Awakening Light Codes Deep within Your Cellular Structures. 


You will become the Embodiment of Venusian Luminance.





- Honeyed Queen Bees -

Beautiful Queens, it is Here you Awaken the Oozing Honeyed Golden Ambrosia of Your Sensual Feminine Soul. 


Nourishing Your Self Deeply from the Golden Oasis of Your Own Erotic Innocence. 


Here we gather the Pearls of Your Sacred Sensuality, Arousing the Pathways of Your Deepest Self Pleasuring Desires, Awakening All Your Senses to the Divine Ecstasy of Earthly Sensual Fulfilment.


Here you Truly become the Queen of Sheba, Unashamedly Luxuriating in Your Own Self Devotional, Self Loving Sensual Pleasure Fulfilment.


Truly the Honeyed Queen Bee.




- Rose Template -

In the Divine Grace of Archangel Mary, we receive a Chakric Rose Initiation of

Epic Proportions.


Each of Our Chakras will be Divinely Aligned to the Peach Pink Rhodocrosite

Rose of Self Love.


Bringing Deep Self Devotion into All Our Sacred Expressions of Divinity in Humanity through the Frequencies each Chakra holds.


We will become a Luminous Bridge of Self Loving Light, Grounding Heavenly Light in Our Earthy Serpentine Sensual Embodiment.


We will become Pure Conduits of the Pleasure Path of Goddess Grace.



Full Payment $366
Payment Plan - 3 Payments of $122

**Early Goddess Full Payment Bookings made by the 13th September will also receive a

beautiful Sacred Flower Love Mist!**


Bookings close Monday 20th September.




Current Memberships


Private Facebook Group


Silver is the Frequency of the Luna Path and the Crone, Hers is a Deep, Rich River of Wisdom that Flows from the Bones of the Ancients.
The Goddesses, the High Priestesses, the Lineages of the Rose, the Primal Women Who Howl with the Wolves, the Night Garden of Your Own Soul.

In Her Moonlight Embrace this Space will be a Warm Hearth around which we can Gather around, Dig up the Bones of Our Own Ancestral Stories, Receive the Wisdom of the Crones, Craft Our Collective Magic in the Cauldron of Our Own Sacred Dreaming, and Allow to the Moon Flowers of Our Night Garden to Bloom.

Membership to the Temple Includes:

🔥 Weekly Sharing of Her Stories
🌹 Weekly Transmission
🦋 Monthly Crafting Session

(Group Channelled Healing)
🌙 Specials in Relation to Courses and Sessions as they Flow through the Seasons.



Each Woman Flowing into the New Format from the Golden Rose Mystery Circle will be Gifted a Sacred Flower Essence chosen specifically for Her Divine Feminine Soul Flourishing.


This will be a closed Circle, so there is the Opportunity to Really Weave Together, to Create a River of Nourishment and Support, that Flows through the Fabric of Your Days. 

To Know each other’s Stories more Deeply, to Enfold Ourselves in a Cocoon of Love and Honouring, to See and Be Seen, to Share Wisdom, and Blossum into Our Most Fragrant Floral Expression in the Night Garden of Our Souls.

It will be Pure Gold.


Healing Sessions

Tara has a gift for imparting a pure and true healing frequency that aligns me in my highest good. It comes naturally to her, with no pretence, and a WHOLE lot of love. Her counsel has become so valuable to me.

- Sienna

If you are looking to make some changes, either subtle or more tangible, then I highly recommend working with Tara. I honestly would not be where I am today without her intuitive guidance and help.

- Sue

In these powerful Individual Sessions, Tara channels a pure healing frequency and offers wise loving insight to bring you home to the truth within and clear any blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your soul's desire. Each session is intuitively guided and tailored to suit the unique needs of each woman. 


If you are seeking to make specific changes in life, wish to re-ignite your inner spark, or are simply yearning for a deep spiritual connection, you will benefit from one of these sessions. 

Sessions are conducted via Skype and go for 90mins

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