A 6 Week Mystical Channelled Healing Journey, into the

Magnetic Eroticism of Goddess Consciousness.

Begins May 18th, 8pm AEDT

*This course will include both Online and In Person group healing sessions*

(In Person will also be available Online for interstate/overseas Goddesses).




Course Template

Tuesday 18th May 8pm-9.30pm AEST
*Dark Pleasures*


In the Silken Velvet Black of the Midnight Orchid, you are invited to bite Deep into the Plum Black Cherry, and release the Juices of your Erotic Innocence.
As the Serpent climbs the Tree, the Pearls of the Fruits of the Temptation of Eve are Gathered, and You are Set Free to Weave a Destiny of the Purity of Your Sensuality.

Blessed Bee.


Tuesday 25th May 8pm-9.30pm AEST
*White Orchid*


In the Blinding Light of Your Pearlescent Feminine Soul, Kuan Yin flows in, to

Resurrect the Temple of the Purity of Your Sacred Sexuality.
The Water Dragons of the Yin Dynasty will Offer their Purifying Grace, and you will

Receive a Cellular Regeneration, aligning your Physical Template to the Original Angelic Resonance with which you were Birthed from the Sacred Void of Creation.
A Physiological Liberation of Epic Proportions.


Tuesday 1st June 8pm-9.30pm AEST


In the Frequency of Jade the Mysteries of the Wisdom of this “Stone of Heaven”

will be realised into Fruition.
A Symbol of Serenity and Purity, Wisdom Gathered in Tranquility, finding the

Love, Power and Wisdom of True Harmony.
Then from this Peaceful Alignment sliding fluidly into the form of the Jade Mermaid, we gather the Pearls from the Deepest, Blackest Depths of the Yin Ocean.
Here we Reclaim the Purity of Black Magick, and the True Magnetic Yin Nature of the Feminine begins to Unfurl Deep within our DNA.
From Our Deepest Desire Body, it is Time to Play.


Saturday 12th June 1.33pm-4.33pm
*The Ruby Red Whore*


In the Frequency of the Colour Red, we Awaken the Ruby Whore from the Dead. Invoking the Red Syren, we are metamorphosed into the Tigress of Insatiable Lust.
Through Her Fiery Templates, Our Pain, Shame and Trauma Bodies, that have Hidden the True Nature of the Holy Whore, will be Cleansed and Purified.
Releasing us from the Chains of a Fear based Puritanical Morality, and Reclaiming the

Purity of Divine Feminine Sexuality.
In the Fluid Remembrance of the Red Syren and the Fires of the Chinese Red Phoenix, we will Heart, Womb, Yoni and Feminine Soul, be Truly Set Free.

This week we will enter the Temple of Lush, and gather together both in person and online to Truly Explore Our Base Desires, Regrounding Our Decadent Queens, Unashamedly, Uninhibitedly Allowing Our Selves to sink into the Luxury of Gluttony for having

All Our Desires Fulfilled.

Tuesday 15th June 8pm-9.30pm AEST


Sacred Women, it is here we reclaim Our Sacred Role, the Empress.
Infused with the Wisdom of the Mythology of the Chinese Phoenix (Fenghuang) we are Rebirthed in Red and Gold, to the Royal Roles of Our Goddess Souls.
With Great Wisdom, Freedom, Peace and Tranquility, we become Soveriegn Queens of the Power of Our Sacred Sexuality.
Here we Truly begin the Dance with the Dragon King, Emperor of

Soveriegn Divine Masculine Virility.
In the Rebirthing Fires of Our Divine Sexual Love, New Worlds are Born

both Within and Without.
Heavenly Kingdoms and Queendoms of Pure Heart and Soul Freedom.
In the Union of the Twin, the Entire World is Absolved of the Fallacy of Original Sin.


Saturday 26th June 1.33pm-4.33pm
*Heavenly Blessings*


Purified, Cleansed, Whole, we stand at the Threshold of Our Eternal Souls.
On the Wings of the Angels, we are Ready to Fly, become Glittering Diamonds in the Blackest Night Sky.
Drawing down now the Magnetism of Yin, with the Cosmic Powers of the Unified Twins, in the Liberation of Our Whole, Holy Whores, we are Truly Ready to Open the 888 Door.
Feminine Freedom Frequency paired with the Grounded Mastery of the Sacred King, the Magick of the Unified Twins, Our Creation will know no Bounds.
One Wing Silver, One Wing Gold, the Angel of Holy Oneness will Resound.

This week will Gather In Person and Online in the Temple of Heavenly Love, Infusing Our Selves with the Frequency of the Angels, In Rivers of Silver and Gold, we will Weave Our Selves into Holy Wholeness.
Allowing All the Pleasures of Heaven to Truly Liberate Our Divine Feminine Souls, Ready to Flow in the Magnetism of the Radiant Feminine Glow.


The course dates will be as follows:


4 x 1.5 hour Online Transformational Healing Sessions

(held Tuesday evenings 8pm AEST - 18th May, 25th May, 1st June, 15th June)


2 x In Person/Online Transformation Healing Sessions

(Saturday Afternoons 1.33pm-4.33pm AEST - 12th June, 26th June)

The course also includes:


FB Live support, Channelled Transmissions, Creative Processes,

Healing Meditations, posted each week within a Private FB Group, supporting the Integration, Grounding and Preparation for each Channelled Healing Sessions.

Pearl Liquid Crystal Essence

Silver Skull Liquid Crystal Essence


Sensuality Sacred Flower Essence Blend


Investment $888
(Payment Plan Available, please DM)

Please book your Sacred Space by Thursday 13th May.


Current Memberships


Private Facebook Group


Silver is the Frequency of the Luna Path and the Crone, Hers is a Deep, Rich River of Wisdom that Flows from the Bones of the Ancients.
The Goddesses, the High Priestesses, the Lineages of the Rose, the Primal Women Who Howl with the Wolves, the Night Garden of Your Own Soul.

In Her Moonlight Embrace this Space will be a Warm Hearth around which we can Gather around, Dig up the Bones of Our Own Ancestral Stories, Receive the Wisdom of the Crones, Craft Our Collective Magic in the Cauldron of Our Own Sacred Dreaming, and Allow to the Moon Flowers of Our Night Garden to Bloom.

Membership to the Temple Includes:

🔥 Weekly Sharing of Her Stories
🌹 Weekly Transmission
🦋 Monthly Crafting Session

(Group Channelled Healing)
🌙 Specials in Relation to Courses and Sessions as they Flow through the Seasons.



Each Woman Flowing into the New Format from the Golden Rose Mystery Circle will be Gifted a Sacred Flower Essence chosen specifically for Her Divine Feminine Soul Flourishing.


This will be a closed Circle, so there is the Opportunity to Really Weave Together, to Create a River of Nourishment and Support, that Flows through the Fabric of Your Days. 

To Know each other’s Stories more Deeply, to Enfold Ourselves in a Cocoon of Love and Honouring, to See and Be Seen, to Share Wisdom, and Blossum into Our Most Fragrant Floral Expression in the Night Garden of Our Souls.

It will be Pure Gold.


Healing Sessions

Tara has a gift for imparting a pure and true healing frequency that aligns me in my highest good. It comes naturally to her, with no pretence, and a WHOLE lot of love. Her counsel has become so valuable to me.

- Sienna

If you are looking to make some changes, either subtle or more tangible, then I highly recommend working with Tara. I honestly would not be where I am today without her intuitive guidance and help.

- Sue

In these powerful Individual Sessions, Tara channels a pure healing frequency and offers wise loving insight to bring you home to the truth within and clear any blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your soul's desire. Each session is intuitively guided and tailored to suit the unique needs of each woman. 


If you are seeking to make specific changes in life, wish to re-ignite your inner spark, or are simply yearning for a deep spiritual connection, you will benefit from one of these sessions. 

Sessions are conducted via Skype and go for 90mins

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