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- The Liquid Gold Alchemy of Flowers -

A 5 Week Mystical Online Journey into the Alchemical Dance of the God/Goddess

Beginning Wednesday July 22nd 8pm AEST

When we enter the Divine Grace of Masculine/Feminine Integrated Sacred Union, We Enter the Realms of Heaven on Earth, Our Spirit Deeply Incarnated and Embodied in Our Physical Forms.


It is Here the Mastery of Our Souls Destiny finds its Grounding.

It is Here we can No Longer Hide the Magnitude of Our Own Magnificence.

It is Here we Truly Reveal Ourselves and Shine.



Isis and Osiris


Through the Portal of the Blue Lotus, we enter the Sacred Ground of this Egyptian God/Goddess.


In the Alchemy of their Unified Tantric Soul Fire, we Breathe once again the Sacred Perfume of Blue Lotus Dreaming, Surrendering to the Pleasure of Tantric Mastery.


Entering the Delicate Dance of Tender Acceptance, Deep Forgiveness, Whole Hearted Unconditonality, Freedom of Individuated Expression, Divine Union through Harmonised Balance of Structure and Flow, the Poetry of Masculine/Feminine Alchemy.


Planting the Seeds of a More Whole, Healed, Compassionately Respectful, Reverential Masculine/Feminine Relating.


In Fertile Sexuality, We Bloom.




Tantric Dakini


Through the Self Realised Ecstasy of Green Tara, we enter the Abundant Realms of Emerald Fertility.

Through the Blooming of the Magenta Lotus, we enter the Pink Pleasure Dance of the Orgasmic Goddess.

Knowing Ourselves as the Sensual Embodiment of the Divine in Human Form,

Dancing into the Realms of Self Realised, Erotic, Pleasure Potency.

Evoking then, the Wild Green Man, the Instinctive, Natural, Masculine, Elemental Essence, to Co- Create in the Perfected Chaos of Universal Natural Lore.

Allowing Our Wild Primal Magick to set Fire to the Forest of Our Emerald Fertile Desire.


Sophia Christos

In the Luminous Light of the White Rose, we enter through the Purity of the Blossuming Heart Chakra, the Alchemy of Divine Love.

In the Lineages of Magdalene and Christ, the Blood Red Rose and the White Lily, we Ground Deep Embodiment of the Essence of Sophia Christos.

Transmuting All Bindings on Our Earthly Forms, allowing the Liquid Light of the Heavens to Permeate Our Vessels, Incarnating the Presence of the Angelic Realms.


Then Deeply Releasing Ancient Bonds of Masculine/Feminine Animosity, Artificial Wars imposed on the Sexes, All Scars, Unresolved Woundings of Seperation, Fear, Anger, Pain and Trauma.


We Return Only to the Chalice of Infinite Love.


Grounding Nirvana.



Temple of the Black Rose


Through the Sacred Lineages of the High Sexual Priestess, Isis, Ishtar, Inanna, we Ground the Erotic Wisdom of the Ages.


Opening the Pathways of Orchid, Jasmine and the Red Lily, we Dive Deep into the Serpentine Sexual Grace of the Erotically Embodied Woman.


Through the Purity of the Luna Queens, the Night Flowers, we allow the Intoxicating Fragrance of Our Own Erotic Innocence to Flower into Full Bloom.

Becoming the Magnetic Pleasure Path of the Goddess.


It is Here, the God Pan enters the Garden, and in the Dance of Eros, Awakens the Sensual Nectar of God/Goddess Erotic Grace, and Returns the Laughter and Erotic Joy to the Dance Floor of Masculine/Feminine Intimate Union.


Here All Our Desires are Realised into Fecund Fruitful Manifestation.



The Liquid Gold Alchemy of Flowers


Finally We Open the Temple Doors to the Sweet Ambrosia of the Well Pleasured Woman.

Lifting away All the Historic Binding on the True Nature of the Goddess, we Entered the Fertile Golden Elixir of the Honeyed Queen. 


It is Here She Meets the Solar King, the Counterpart to Her Silver Moon, Her Erotic Bloom.

And in Deep Reverence to His Virile Yang Essence, and the Receptive Grace of Pure Yin, She enters True Unification with the God/Goddess within, and finds Her Pathway to Celebratory Consciousness of True Sexual Freedom.


In Oneness with All of Creation, 

She Dances the Beauty of the Flowers and the Bees,

The Sweet Liquid Gold Alchemy,


She is Free.



The Liquid Gold Alchemy of Flowers is going to be a Deep, Intensive and Highly Pleasurable Healing Journey to Return the True Equilibrium of the Divine Union of Feminine/Masculine Polarities.

It has been Designed to Offer Thorough Holistic Healing, to Support the Sensitive Journey of Unravelling the Wounding of the Masculine/Feminine Story, and Resurrecting the Deeply Magickal and Highly Alchemical Unified Love, Power and Wisdom of the God/Goddess Integration.


The Course will include


5 x 1.5hr Live Zoom Channelled Healing Journeys beginning Wednesday 22nd July 8pm AEST,

for 5 consecutive Wednesdays.


5 x 1hr FB Live Integrative Channelled Healing Sessions beginning Sunday 26th July 8pm AEST,

for 5 consecutive Sundays. (These sessions will also be recorded and accessible each week).


Weekly Transmissions, Guided Meditations and Creative Processes.


🌹 Crystal and Sacred Flower Essences

  • Gold Skull Liquid Crystal Essence(Solar Angel-Soul Consciousness)

  • Striped Trumpet Lily Sacred Flower Essence(God/Goddess Tantric Union)

  • Rose Quartz Liquid Crystal Essence(Forgiveness and Masculine Wounding Healing)


🐝 30 minute Individual Healing Session

Total Investment: $999 AUD

Payment Plans Available (please email directly for this option).



*After clicking this button, and selecting your chosen Payment Option, you will be asked to Sign in, or Sign up to the Members area. Payment Details can be entered once signed in. Payments are accepted by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.

Current Memberships


Private Facebook Group


Silver is the Frequency of the Luna Path and the Crone, Hers is a Deep, Rich River of Wisdom that Flows from the Bones of the Ancients.
The Goddesses, the High Priestesses, the Lineages of the Rose, the Primal Women Who Howl with the Wolves, the Night Garden of Your Own Soul.

In Her Moonlight Embrace this Space will be a Warm Hearth around which we can Gather around, Dig up the Bones of Our Own Ancestral Stories, Receive the Wisdom of the Crones, Craft Our Collective Magic in the Cauldron of Our Own Sacred Dreaming, and Allow to the Moon Flowers of Our Night Garden to Bloom.

Membership to the Temple Includes:

🔥 Weekly Sharing of Her Stories
🌹 Weekly Transmission
🦋 Monthly Crafting Session

(Group Channelled Healing)
🌙 Specials in Relation to Courses and Sessions as they Flow through the Seasons.



Each Woman Flowing into the New Format from the Golden Rose Mystery Circle will be Gifted a Sacred Flower Essence chosen specifically for Her Divine Feminine Soul Flourishing.

This will be a closed Circle, so there is the Opportunity to Really Weave Together, to Create a River of Nourishment and Support, that Flows through the Fabric of Your Days. 

To Know each other’s Stories more Deeply, to Enfold Ourselves in a Cocoon of Love and Honouring, to See and Be Seen, to Share Wisdom, and Blossum into Our Most Fragrant Floral Expression in the Night Garden of Our Souls.

It will be Pure Gold.


Healing Sessions

Tara has a gift for imparting a pure and true healing frequency that aligns me in my highest good. It comes naturally to her, with no pretence, and a WHOLE lot of love. Her counsel has become so valuable to me.

- Sienna

If you are looking to make some changes, either subtle or more tangible, then I highly recommend working with Tara. I honestly would not be where I am today without her intuitive guidance and help.

- Sue

In these powerful Individual Sessions, Tara channels a pure healing frequency and offers wise loving insight to bring you home to the truth within and clear any blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your soul's desire. Each session is intuitively guided and tailored to suit the unique needs of each woman. 


If you are seeking to make specific changes in life, wish to re-ignite your inner spark, or are simply yearning for a deep spiritual connection, you will benefit from one of these sessions. 

Sessions are conducted via Skype and go for 90mins

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