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Tara Zhinu is a passionate and inspired Visionary Leader and Holistic Healer, 

dedicated to rebirthing the Divine Feminine

and Divine Masculine in each of us.


The Feminine path leads women of all backgrounds inwards, to tap into increased flow, feelings of joy and connectedness, and graceful manifestation of their heart's desire.

Through her unique offering of Individual Channeled Healing Sessions, Transformational Women's Circles and Online Group Healing events, Tara gracefully takes women on a journey of deep remembrance and powerful self -actualisation.

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Enhanced flow and inspiration


Enhanced and sustainable creativity


Feelings of deep connectedness


Improved relationships with family, friends and significant others


Deep remembrance of ancient feminine wisdom and spirituality


Gentle but powerful transmutation of

limiting beliefs and past programming 

Increased support, grounding and authenticity.


A renewed sense and experience of magic and wonder in life

Working with Tara results in profound change and transformation. Women who have worked with Tara  experience:


Welcome beautiful woman, to a journey of love, transformational healing and deep soul wisdom. Welcome home to the sacred fire that burns within you. 

Beautiful woman, if these words touch you... you've come to the right place. 


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