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Goddess Grace.

Sacred Woman, it is with Deep Joy that I Welcome You, to the Wisdom, Love and Power, that flows through, as the Ancient Voice of the Eternal Goddess.

Feminine Wisdom is Timeless, it is as valid today in our current world, as it has been throughout time, in our many forms and expressions of Women in the World.

What an Extraordinary Journey it is to be a Woman, rich with the complexity of being, a Deeply Feeling, Sensual, Highly Nuanced, Receptive, Intuitive Being.

We are the Dreamers, the Visionaries, the Heralders of Hope. 

We hold the Flame, the Sacred Desire, the commitment to the Wellbeing of Our Tribe. 

It is Deeply Ingrained in Our Beings to Care.

Care for the Whole, Care for Our Communities, Our Families, Our Heart and Soul Kin.

We are Mothers, We are Sisters, We are Daughters.

We are Aunties, We are Grandmothers, We are Friends.

We are Lovers, We are Partners, We are Wives.

We are the Very Centre, the very Heart, the very Soul Life, of All those Held in Our Circles of Love.

We are Wise, we know how to share our Love in a way that Nourishes the Whole.

We know how to encourage, the individuals, held in Our Grace to Flourish.

To Flourish in a Way that enhances the Hearts, the Harmony, the Success of the Whole.

This is the Wisdom of Woman.

She is Communally based.

And in a Utopian Vision this Wisdom would be Deeply Respected, Deeply Honoured and Deeply Adhered to.

And we would Dance in the Ecstasy, of a Love Based Humanity.

Sadly however, the Wisdom of Woman has been Deeply Degraded, we have lost the connection to Her Values, Her Knowing, Her Deep Intrinsic Way of Holding All Life Sacred.

Deeply knowing the Interconnectedness of Life, and that only in the Harmony of the Whole, can the Individual be Well.

The Web of Life has been broken, the Weavers are no longer Honoured.

We are Living the Lives of an Impoverished Species.

You cannot take the Heart out of the Whole, and believe we will Survive.

The Wonderful News is that, of course your can never really take the Heart out of the Whole.

You can never really destroy the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine!

You can never really Silence the Voice of the Goddess!

Yes she has been denied, degraded, vilified, broken, hurt, wounded and abandoned.

But She still exists.

Her Heart Beats in every Woman, 

Her Wisdom runs through Our Veins, our Lineages, it is encoded in Our Cells.

Her Voice is in our every Breath, every Sigh, every Sacred Conversation.

The Ancestral Voices run through Our Primal Bones.

Always whispering, always calling us Home.

Home to Love.

And for every Woman who Rises,

Every Woman who Remembers,

Every Woman who Reclaims Her Deep Inner Knowing,

Her Soul Path,

Her Holy Fire.

Every Woman Who Allows Her Self to become a Wild, Passionate, Authentic Channel of the Ancient Feminine Ways

The Flame of Hope Burns Brighter

Hope for Our Children, Hope for Our Sistars, Hope for Our Brothers,

Hope for Humanity,

Hope for Our Hearts.

Sacred Woman, it is Time,

Time to Rise Up and Rebirth.

Rebirth the Ancient Feminine Ways

The Ancient Feminine Wisdom

As Current World Women,

Leading the Way Home



Sacred Love.

Reweaving the Strands of a Harmonised Whole, Healing the Discordance, the Broken Hearts, a Broken Humanity.

Reweaving the Web with a Love so Strong, so Fierce, so Infinite,

That there is now where else to Return,

But to Grace,

Pure Grace, 

Goddess Grace.

Sacred Women, Will you come Dance in the Fire, of Your Hearts Desire, and Flow Together, in Joy, the Grace Filled Path of Love? Blessings, Tara

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